We provide a broad range of services, all in the fields of data, strategy and engineering. We are driven by a passion for hydraulic engineering and maritime infrastructure.

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Our Partners

Port-based Industry

One of the most important assets of port-based firms are their quays and terminals. We believe in strategic maintenance of those assets. By combining inspection and calculation of the remaining lifecycle, we advise on the future of the assets. Our ultimate goal is to keep them in place for as long as possible and implementing interim solutions before a full reconstruction. We stand next to board and management in the port-based industry to help them maintain what they have built for years to come.

Legal, Finance & Insurance Firms

We partner up with legal, finance and insurance firms to support them in the technical field. Our expertise varies from advice on very specific maritime questions of legal firms to valuation of assets for insurance companies.

Government & Public Corporations

We work with governments and other public corporations on different topics, from advising on how to maintain a professional harbour to engineering locks, dikes and other waterworks. Our goal to create an endurable environment can only be reached in partnership with governments.

Defense & Resilience Organisations

Defense and resilience organisations partner up with Walhout for technical advice on various issues. Protecting our country from water is an everlasting challenge.

Maritime Contractors

We engineer, they build. Maritime contractors work with Walhout for the combination of engineering and data. While we do the engineering, we have a long-term goal of protecting and maintaining the end result. We do this by using data to verify the quality and lifecycle of the construction. This is all in partnership with maritime contractors, on whom we can rely to build stable and trustworthy constructions.

NGOs & Foundations

NGOs and foundations know where to find Walhout when it comes to the border between water and their premises. We work together on revitalising those areas and creating a viable balance between land and water.