Korné Walhout

Managing Partner

Jan Walhout

Managing Partner

Cees van de Zande

Senior Project Manager

Remco Kok

Project & Sales Manager

Marleen Verheij

Business & Legal Manager

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board advises the management team on market developments that have a significant impact on the business and strategy of the the Walhout Group. Their main focus is digital transformation, new technologies and growth opportunities. Our members of the Advisory Board are:

Ronald Cozijn

  • Background: Sr. Officer Royal Netherlands Army |
  • Education: Royal Military Academy | TU Delft Mining and Petroleum, Engineering Geology
  • Expertise:

Dick Fundter

  • Background: Sr. Policy Advisor
  • Education: Royal Military Academy
  • Expertise: Public Order & Safety | Delta Resilience

Anne Geldof

  • Background: Sr. Project Manager
  • Education: HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht | University of Twente
  • Expertise: Process & Project Management | HSQE | Mediation | Contract Management

Johan Walhout

  • Background: Sr. Water Defence Specialist | Lecturer &
  • Education: HZ University of Applied Science | Driestar University | Open University
  • Expertise: Water & Coastal Defences | Education

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