The challenge

The Saba, Statia Cable System is a vital submarine fiber optic and telecommunication cable network in the Caribbean. The islands of Saba and Sint Eustatius are connected via the submarine network to the international sea cable network on Sint Kitts, Sint Maarten and Sint Barts. Saba and Sint Eustatius are highly dependent on the availability and reliability of the submarine cable network for their data and telecom services. However, the cable protection and landing constructions have been damaged by recent hurricanes. SSCS BV is investing in new cable landings and coastal defence constructions in order to make the network future-proof.

Our activities

SSCS BV commissioned Walhout Civil to design a new cable landing structure in Saba. The area is characterized by a steep, rocky bottom, which means that waves and currents have a large impact on the protections and landings of the fiber optic cables. Design studies have been carried out by Walhout Civil for the application of steel cofferdams, breakwaters and various trenching methods (between the submarine cables and the beach manhole). The beach manhole provides a safe sea-land transition to the cable landing station and backhaul system. Walhout Civil calculated different rock layers and concrete interlocking elements to protect the breakwater construction, including classic concrete blocks, Xblocs and acropodss.

A summary of our activities:

  • Analysis hydraulic conditions and metocean study
  • Alternatives study and design landing construction
  • Drawings incl. analysus bathymetric survey
  • Overlay with rocks and filter (Rock Manual)
  • Overlay with concrete interlocking elements
  • Analysis impact flora and fauna, nautical safety
  • Obtaining permissions and building permits
  • Consultancy Client