The challenge

Projectbureau Zeeweringen has renovated and strengthened the 2.70 km long dike and slope construction around the island Roggenplaat. The Roggenplaat is a former construction island used for the realization of the famous Delta Works and Oosterscheldekering. The work involved inter alia the reinforcement of the stone layer, slopes, dike constructions and breakwaters. The work was carried out together with the realization of a new wind farm on the island.

The dikes of the Delta Works have never been so safe and reliable > Projectbureau Zeeweringen

Our contribution

Walhout Civil was responsible for the quality and risk management of the Engineering & Construct Contract (method UAVgc 2005). A successful system-based contract management was implemented within the project management team and the organization of the contractor. Walhout Civil made all the project management plans and work plans for the execution. A summery of our activities:

  • Drawing up of all project management and work plans
  • System-based contract mangement
  • Monitoring of process and product quality
  • Tests and inspections materials, asphalt, dike overlayers, etc.
  • Inspections, monitoring and process control
  • Advice on findings and improvements
  • Document management and control

Articles and news