The challenge

Many offshore oil and gas platforms in the North Sea are at the end of their life cycle and will be dismantled in the coming years. The demand for offshore decommissioning is expected to increase. The Sagro terminal in the port of Vlissingen-Oost (Netherlands) is an excellent location for the storage and decommissioning of offshore installations. The facilities at the terminal are ideal for environmentally friendly dismantling and recycling. Sagro is investing in a new quay and more production capacity at the terminal. The quay is specially designed for large offshore projects.

Our activities

The heavy lift quay was designed by Walhout Civil. The designers opted for a robust combination wall with a heavy anchoring construction. A roll-on-roll-off facility for heavy ramps will be installed in the wall cope, to enable loadouts with rolling equipment and heavy project cargo. The quay will be equipped with a concrete loading platform and special pile foundation due to extremely high top and shock loads. The quay is suitable for 600-ton lifts and 8,000-ton loadouts (offshore oil platforms on SPMT configurations). The realization of the quay will start at the end of 2019.

A summary of our activities:

  • Final design of the heavy lift quay
  • SCIA & Plaxis stress and FEA analyzes
  • Interaction analyzes of combination wall and platform
  • Analysis of soil parameters and bathymetric surveys
  • Load simulations loadout jackets, platforms and topsides
  • Geotechnical advice for the storage of offshore structures
  • Environmental analysis, nautical safety, ATEX zoning
  • Coordination with North Sea Ports, DCMR and contractors
  • Obtaining required construction permits